péntek, június 05, 2009

egy oylan...

Plastic Harmony
(by me)

Liquify my soul...
I'll exchange it for more
Injectet trash, to cover
My naked body;

For I am lost in what I
Really thought to be
The fairy tale of one's
Life; sadly maybe another time...
Now erase my mind,
Rape my memories and
Drown them in the river;
But make sure not to shiver...

Girl, take the time and
Dance again 'till midnight
With the rusty chain
Twisted 'round my lustful
Brain; as I stand in the door
Watching you laying stretched
On the floor stripped;
I'll make you kill me...

Oh, baby kill me please;
Let me die at ease
Kill me girl, kill me more!
Take my life and run!

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